Goodbye British Summer Time! Hello Halloween!

Well, it’s the last day of Summer in Britain! Or at least it’s the end of BST – we all woke up in Britain today with an extra hour in the day! The clocks went back. I thought I got up at 9am only to discover it was now 8am! So, with that extra hour I thought I’d post my final blog for this month… it’s November tomorrow! That means today it’s … 31st October! Be afraid, be very afraid!
I must say that I’ve really enjoyed being the guest Teacher for October – reading all your comments and, of course, reading Miguel’s fascinating posts about Peru, has been a real treat. Talking of treats – have you ever been asked ‘Trick or Treat’? Well, many people in the UK and, particularly the USA, will be hearing that a lot later this evening as children – and maybe some adults – will be knocking on doors up and down the country, dressed as ghosts and ghouls threatening to play a “Trick” on us unless we’ve got a “Treat” for them! The treats are usually some sweets, which you’d be well advised tohave by the door ready to give out – because if you don’t you may get a trick! That’s usually a harmless bit of fun, like putting treacle or honey on your door handle or emptying your rubbish bins in the garden… but it could be annoying! So, most people will give out sweets as treats! Wouldn’t you?!

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