1. — What size are the masks?
—The masks are unisize for adult heads. Due to the flexiblity of the latex, the masks will
adjust to the size and form of your head. Some of the masks are slightly larger that most Heads.

2. —Are these masks toxic?
—No,our masks are made from natural latex,It is environmental.

3. —What is the expected product life of the masks?
—The product life of the masks is limited, as the latex will get brittle after some time. You can extend the lifetime if you protect the mask from direct sunlight or frost freeze and
store the mask without applying pressure to it.

4、—How much time does it take to get a custom mask made?
—The time a project takes is depend on the current production schedule and how many changes we need to make to the proposed sculptures before we arrive at exactly what you want.
—It can take as little as a week and as long as half a month.