It is only a few months before we mark the Halloween day; you need to prepare early to make this event memorable. If you want to make it a day to remember for years to come put measures in place to have the Halloween costumes ready. This call for early arrangements to make sure that you have everything in place, come this day. First you need to know what kind of Halloween costumes that are needed to make the day a success. You can do this through talking to your friends who may have hosted a Halloween party. Also search in the internet for the kind of costumes and Halloween decorations that need to be in place. There also other items that will be required for the party to be fun and memorable, we have the Halloween masks and Halloween make up, they need to be well made to ensure that they bring out the theme as clearly as possible.

After making a list of the Halloween costumes that will be required, as well as other things which are needed to make the event memorable, you need to look for the best venue to hold the party. The venue ought to be convenient for all that will be invited. A venue where the revelers can have an indoor and outdoor activity is the best for this kind of party. A house where there is also a garden space is most ideal as it will give enough space for the revelers to get wild and cheerful. After securing a venue, you need to look for the items that will be needed for the festival. There is a need to visit a Halloween store to get the actual quotes for the items needed. Some of the items might not be found in ordinary Halloween stores, therefore one will be required to look for Halloween superstore to secure these items. Be accompanied by one of your friends so that he or she can help in selection of the Halloween costumes as well as other Halloween festival requirements. By this time you have made a list of the guests that you would like to invite in the party, the list should include your friends, relatives as well as other people who are important to you. The party will be such a fun with these people around you. Ask some of the people whom you have invited to help you withHalloween decorations. This will make the work easier as well relieving you the stress of having to do it alone.

To make this day a success, planning early is the key. Buy your Halloween costumes early to avoid last minute rush which in most cases leads to buying something which will not please you and at a higher price.


Halloween is among the most celebrated and well loved festivals of the year that is anxiously waited for by young and adults alike. The greatest attraction of Halloween is undoubtedly the costumes that are worn specially for this occasion by everyone. It is these costumes that make Halloween such a popular event among the people. Children look forward all year to 31st October when they will get the chance to dress up and wear costumes of their favorite characters. Some children even start planning about what sort of Halloween costume they would want to wear on the day months in advance.

Halloween costumes-kids costumes

You should now enrich your shop and let people go with your shop to buy a greater variety of costumes. Now here we can purchase costumes and  masks a great discount.Variety is one of the main reasons why you must buy your Halloween costumes from a Halloween store.

halloween costumes-party costumes halloween costumes-party costumes

Another option that you have available to you for buying Halloween costumes nowadays is to buy them from the internet. There are many online Halloween costume stores out there that offer you the best costumes for the least possible prices. X-MERRY is a great costume company for wholesale where you will find everything related to Halloween under one roof.


anime female maskIt’s almost that time again. Sometime in mid to late August, Halloween supplies start appearing in the stores. Halloween has its own shopping season, believe it or not, and it lasts roughly two months. Where are you getting your Halloween gear this year? Are you going to take whatever you can get at the store, or are you going to an actual Halloween superstore? These are stores that are completely dedicated to Halloween-themed costumes, apparel, accessories and even candy in some of them. It’s all Halloween, all the time. Many of these superstores set up in empty commercial spaces and are only open for a few months out of the year (normally late August-early November), while the online versions are open year-round. The online Halloween store version probably give you the best selection of products. While the brick-and-mortar superstores are fine and get the job done, even they’re limited on the types of costumes and accessories they can carry. They only have so much room, after all. An online store has no such limitations, and can therefore offer each customer a wider array of Halloween products.

brandy nose goblin maskThey each have their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re looking for a costume that you want to put on first before buying, then heading into your local Halloween superstore may be your best bet. You’ll find several great choices to pick from. They’re even great for picking up quick costumes close to Halloween when you can’t wait for an online store to ship it to you. However, what if you’re specifically looking for a costume that you know is going to be hard to find? An online superstore will have a greater chance of having it available than the store near the mall. This is the advantage of the online store. While the physical store has convenience on their side, the online store has selection and price on theirs-not to mention being open year round, long after the seasonal store at the shopping center has closed up for the winter. The frightful day is just a few short weeks away, and it’s never too early to start shopping for Halloween products. In fact, an online Halloween costume store will sell Halloween products year round and give you the best selection on all the things you need to fill your Halloween with tricks and treats. Don’t wait until the last minute, or you might run into someone with the exact same costume as yours. It can be quite embarrassing, that’s for sure.


With Halloween’s Day slated as usual for the 31st of October, the fever and excitement for Halloween costumes and accessories has already pitched in. As the celebrations for Halloween are typically marked with people adorning frightful, haunting, and spooky-looking costumes along with matching accessories, it is only natural for one to plan out his or her Halloween Day outfit well in advance. A browse through the various Halloween supply stores found online would give a fairly good idea on the latest trends that you might be interested in buying.

party costume wig party costume wig

The entire gamut of Halloween celebration items are available online for all age groups and gender. You have those typical scary-looking masks, head gear in the form of wigs and hats, make-up kits, special effects, and even horrifying dance wear to make your Halloween Day celebrations a ghostly affair in the real sense. Since a lot of partying normally takes place during Halloween Day celebrations, it is but obvious that such stores provide suitable props and decorations to match the mood of the party.  For those interested in adding a dose of witchcraft as entertainment might want to avail the offer of magic shop novelties and accessories. So whether you want to pull up a scary magic trick out of your sleeve or you prefer to mesmerize your viewers with some adept jugglery acts, you can get all the necessary equipment to fulfill such yearnings through such online Halloween-store. Also for all those attractive ladies wanting to portray their sexy-looking images can very well opt for the scary yet sexy attires with accessories to complement them. So look no further and all one has to do is to log on to the internet to peruse the wide choices in costumes and accessories in order to make this coming Halloween’s Day indeed a spine-chilling one.

X-MERRY Are Always Willing to Learn New Things

Today attended the presentation “focus on foreign trade website construction and network marketing”.

We got a lot ,thanks,Mr.Adil


Many people came to this lecture


Finally, we made a photo with Adil for commemorate.



Realistic and Horror Dragon Mask to be Born

Our designer Tom who put into himself at home to thinking about how to design a realisitc and famous dragon head mask.he succeede over a week’s time.In every details and color of dragon head mask is pefect ,the angular,size ,colors ,eyes etc…

dragon mask-Halloween masksdragon mask-Halloween masks

Making a modle to sample to be born need 3 weekends totaly.

there is dradon mask as folowing by Tom .How do you think about it !

dragon mask-halloween mask 143c312c1ff357ad54f899132caf1844

Boss Paid A Lot Of Money for Professional

OMG, Can you see that handsome guy who is professional in photograph ! him name is Adil who be employ in our company to make pitures for our new website

halloween-2017 halloween

Look at here , it is my first one be a model

halloween mask-Photography


America Presidential Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Funny Mask

You can get ready for the next US president campaign with your own Hillary Rodham Clinton mask! Because she may become the first woman president of the United States of America, her masks will be more popular than ever for the this Halloween season. Hillary is known for wearing many different hats through her life being the former First Lady, Senator of New York, then Secretary of State. Now it’s your opportunity to wear her Halloween mask! Listed below are funny Hillary Clinton Halloween masks on sale online. Will this famous political figure win Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nominee? Pair this up with a Bill Clinton mask and you can go out as a satirical political couple to your next Halloween party.

Hillary mask -latex mask-halloween mask Hillary mask -latex mask-halloween mask

Hillary’s Republican rival, Donald Trump, now has own Halloween mask. Dress your partner up as the controversial millionaire if you want to go as the most unlikely couple on Halloween night!

Dhalloween mask-latex mask-Donald Trump mask

Where to Buy ” Scary Zombie” Halloween masks 2017

If you an a fan of the  ‘ Scary Hallwoeen ‘, and wish that an unexpected turn of events might lead you to the ritualistic party of a masked secret society.then those collection of masks is perfect for you .

gollum latex mask clown mask
We’ve taken some of the more memorable scenes from the movie, and found masks from our collection that would fit right in…



2016 Production Photos

We always like to post production photos.  It’s exciting to see the masks being made and it gives an appreciation to the fact that our masks are 100% handmade.

halloween mask-latex mask-horror mask  Spray color

latex mask-latex mask-full head mask

latex mask-latex mask-full head mask

halloween decoration-halloween prop-horror prop