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It’s almost that time again. Sometime in mid to late August, Halloween supplies start appearing in the stores. Halloween has its own shopping season, believe it or not, and it lasts roughly two months. Where are you getting your Halloween gear this year? Are you going to take whatever you can get at the store, […]


With Halloween’s Day slated as usual for the 31st of October, the fever and excitement for Halloween costumes and accessories has already pitched in. As the celebrations for Halloween are typically marked with people adorning frightful, haunting, and spooky-looking costumes along with matching accessories, it is only natural for one to plan out his or […]

Realistic and Horror Dragon Mask to be Born

Our designer Tom who put into himself at home to thinking about how to design a realisitc and famous dragon head mask.he succeede over a week’s time.In every details and color of dragon head mask is pefect ,the angular,size ,colors ,eyes etc… Making a modle to sample to be born need 3 weekends totaly. there is […]

Where to Buy ” Scary Zombie” Halloween masks 2017

If you an a fan of the  ‘ Scary Hallwoeen ‘, and wish that an unexpected turn of events might lead you to the ritualistic party of a masked secret society.then those collection of masks is perfect for you . We’ve taken some of the more memorable scenes from the movie, and found masks from our […]

2016 Production Photos

We always like to post production photos.  It’s exciting to see the masks being made and it gives an appreciation to the fact that our masks are 100% handmade.   Spray color